My Favorite Fashion Lines

I often find myself getting caught up in surfing the latest fashion catalogs online, spending entirely too much time dreaming about what I would buy. I also get asked quite often what my favorite fashion lines are.

While the obvious answer is my own, I decided to put together a short list of some of my favorite retailers, fashion designers, brands, and more.

Note that this does not only apply to dresses, but to womens clothing in general.

Here are some of my favorite choices when it comes to all things fashion:

  1. Common Projects
  2. Falke
  3. Acne Studious
  4.  J Crew
  5. Reformation

Each of these brands have their differences in styles, price, materials, and design, but all come out on the top of my list.

All of the brands on my list are reachable, and not ultra fancy designer clothing. I really put an emphasis on making sure that the clothes I buy last for a long time, so this list is created with that in mind. I also really really love the styles from some of these picks, and get tons of compliments whenever I wear clothing from them.

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