Why I Love Dresses

I love dresses, I love dresses, I love dresses!

Now that that’s out of the way, I can explain why I’m so fond of dresses. It might surprise you to learn that when I was a little girl I absolutely hated dresses, skirts, and anything girly.

I was THE definition of a tomboy and preferred running around and playing with cars instead of dolls and dress up.

When I met my friend Jane in 7th grade everything changed. She was really into “boy things” but also had a very feminine side.]

Our initial friendship and bonding revolved around “boy stuff”, but as I continued to spend time with her I was introduced more and more to feminine things. Her mom made her do ballroom dance, which I soon became interested in, and grew to love.

By 9th grade in high-school I was fully committed to my love for dresses and fashion. I even started to get into beauty as well. My mom was excellent at sewing and started making dresses for me.

I started helping her make these dresses, and fell in love with the art very quickly!

As life went on I got busy and forgot about my passion for dresses. It wasn’t until about 8 years ago that I decided I wanted to try creating dresses again, and surprisingly, I picked the talent up very quickly.

What started with making alterations to my neighbors daughter’s prom dress ended up in me creating dresses full time.

I now own an LLC dedicated to alterations and creating unique dresses. I’m so glad that my mom taught me the things I know today.


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